What is domain name Why I need hosting How to create a web site? What is Control Panel What is FTP What is File manager What is Free-space Community?

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is your website address. Register your own domain here: Namesor. You can register many different TLDs including .com .net .org .us .biz .co.uk and more...Back to top


How do I make a website?

You create a website using your favourite program, such as MS Frontpage, Dreamweaver. (or simply use our web-based sitebuilder!) Then you upload your website to your web space via a FTP program, or the File Manager. Back to top


Why do I need a web host for my website?

The web host digitally stores and publishes your site, making it viewable on the internet. Back to top


I haven't made a website yet..

That's ok! You can improvise as you go along! Our control panel gives you plenty of options to create instant websites with premade scripts and web-interface site builders. Back to top


I am not very technical :( Can you help me?

We sure can! The community (forum and chatroom) is here for a great user to user supporting help and atmosphere. Our team staff are always around too! We will help you until you succeed! Back to top


File Manager

Our File Manager located in the cPanel control panel makes it super easy to upload and manage your files. Back to top


Friendly and Resourceful Community..

Whenever you need help, whenever you want to talk, whenever you need a place to hangout, our webmaster community of users and staff are always here! If you have any questions before joining and signing up for the service, you should ask all your questions here, they are usually answered very quickly!


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